Portland Enrichment

Our team is working with residents of Portland to create thriving, sustainable, and diverse local communities. Portland Enrichment engages with communities through partnerships at a neighborhood level to develop and implement local Community Enrichment Programs in which residents are surveyed about their vision for their community and invited to connect with people and resources in order to make simple lifestyle changes which help enrich their neighborhood.

  • We support local economy and innovation by connecting people with local businesses and non-profits which provide resources to people taking action.
  • We gather community feedback for local projects and foster conversation between neighbors about their vision for the neighborhood.
  • We plan and participate in community events to help build cross-sector partnerships, create connections between neighbors who are interested in the similar projects, and to get to know our neighbors.

The most pressing challenges of our time can only be solved together.  Every small step we take towards a better future in our individual lives is an opportunity to come together and enhance the quality of lives for our community as a whole.

Want to get connected?  Become a Portland Enrichment Superstar and we will follow up with you based on how you want to connect.